Datum 17.08.2024


El Murciélago de la Muerte
(A Pirate's Manifest)
Killer of Giants (Ozzy Osbourne)
Drop Dead
The Conjunction
Rise from Tartarus
Crionics (Slayer)
Mouth Full of Sand
Phenomena (Goblin)


Schon das Cover-Artwork von "Wings of Reckoning" setzt voll auf Angriff und auf selbe Weise holt die dargebotene Mucke den willigen Hörer akkurat ab. Der hypermelodische, riffschwingende Albumeinstieg bleibt Statement, auch im weiteren Trackverlauf...Gegen Ende des Albums versteckt sich das Instrumental "The Conjunction"; eine überzeugende Nummer, abgeschmeckt mit Bekanntem, mit einer guten Prise durchdachter Arrangements gewürzt und schließlich gepfeffert mit ordentlich Spielleidenschaft. Wann immer ich diese Nummer höre, greife ich mein Wahlinstrument und springe gedanklich zum jammen mit auf die Bühne..
Elmsfire machen eine Einsortierung mit "Wings of Reckoning" nicht leicht. Volle Riffpower, gute Arrangements, ein eigener Stil und tolle Melodieläufe stehen einem eher zurückgenommenen Gesamtsoundgewand, ein wenig Eintönigkeit und allzu leicht zugänglichen Melodieläufen gegenüber. Ich finde, daran können die Düsseldorfer noch feilen. Doch insgesamt liefern die stahlharte Lady und die stahlharten Herren hier eine richtig ordentliche Scheibe ab.

Punkte: 8,5/10
Technische Klasse, eine warme Produktion und dynamische, melodische, unglaublich viel Leichtigkeit ausatmende Songs bieten uns diesmal  ELMSFIRE mit ihrem neusten Album, das durch die musikalische Erfahrung aus drei Studioalben an Perfektion im Vergleich zu den schon sehr ansprechenden Vorgängern gewonnen hat und somit von Weiterentwicklung der Band zeugt

...Schön Oldschool mit der dazugehörigen Produktion geht man hier zu Werke, was Puristen definitiv gefallen wird...
Definitiv zum Besten was wir hier auf der Scheibe hören werden zählt dann das anschließende „Croghan“ welches wunderbar zum Mitgehen einlädt und noch einen geilen Mitsingchorus bietet.
...mit „Harlock“ und „Leviathan“ dann die volle schwermetallische Breitseite bekommen! Ein tolles zusammenhängendes Songgeflecht.
trumental mit „The Conjunction“ bevor man mit „Rise from Tartarus“ etwas in die epische Ecke geht, was der Band aber absolut gut zu Gesicht steht...ELMSFIRE bieten auf ihrem neuen Diskus auf jeden Fall so einiges für den Hörer! Neue Musiker, einige Coversongs, zusammenhängende Songs sowie stimmungsvolle Zwischenstücke.
Auf jeden Fall sollten Anhänger des klassischen Metals die Undergroundband ELMSFIRE mit dem Erwerb der neuen Songs über die Bandhomepage unterstützen, man wird es definitiv nicht bereuen!




„I am the Death Bat, Camazotz, Lord of Night and Sacrifice!
You despise my children because they feed on blood to survive...You call them „monster“ and you hunt them...
And yet, I wonder, haven’t you fed on the Land until you dried Her?
Aren’t you the „monsters“ who extinguished so many?
Oh, but the hour of reckoning will come!
Soon your golden light will vanish…And then it’ll be my time and that of my kin!

From the dark I watched your kind
A 1000 ears, a 1000 eyes
Tearing out each other’s hearts
It’s greed for which you sacrifice
Oh...you crossed the line
I’ll take back what is mine
Oh...nowhere to hide
I’ll have the respect you denied
Oh, fragile children of the sun
Your precious light will soon be gone
Oh...you crossed the line
I’ll take back what is mine
Oh...nowhere to hide
I’ll have the respect you denied
I’m Camazotz, and I’m hungry for your blood
Rising up-never cross a vengeful god!
Oh, Camazotz, leather winged and dead at heart
Rising up-shadow spreads, the lights go out
I am the demon you can’t exorcise
Your holy water will not purify
No pale invader will kill one of mine
I’ll bite his head clean off as he did with my child
Oh, Camazotz, ever hungry for the blood…


I roam, I strive to kill what cannot die
Who once shone bright, a hero of a kind
I must divide him into parts of five
The giant, my friend, who has become so vile
And spread him wide from soil through air to sky
No coming back from the other side
Your flesh must rest and lie!
Old Croghan what have you become?
No one must remember you when gone!
I called you friend but now you are estranged
And I regret that I‘d extend my hand
What made you fall from idol to tyrant?
Will no one dare to put you to an end?
And fear will rise
Pain, terror, blood and cries
Does no one care to stand against demise?
To make you rest and lie!
I am to kill the thing that cannot die!
All fear and doubts I have to leave aside
As I must cleft you into parts of five
Your blood shall flow dispersed in waterfalls
I‘ll feed your heart and strength into the swamp
I‘ll throw your force and speed into the storm
Your poise and speech in aether be dissolved
At last your soul eternally must burn
Old Croghan
You‘ll be everywhere
But never whole again!


There was no warning no sign
When lightning struck twice
Currents arise...!
Pulling me towards demise
I‘m caught by surprise in this hypnotic eye
And hell waits inside
No turning back now
Just one way to go
The storm is upon me
I can’t fight the flow
There’s no escape from
This raging black hole
Red rushing rapids
Bring death from below
I‘m going down
And you brought me here
Just to watch me drown
You‘ll get what you want
But I‘ll bring you down
We‘ll both meet our fate
In this maelstrom of hate
I am your last, worst mistake!
Now at the end of the slope
The Abyss awoke: abandon all hope!
Feel no regret no remorse
As fate claims us both
Spilling blood crushing bones
Hellwards our course


„Who am I? A monster? A criminal?
In your eyes no doubt I am...Your sight of things is so limited!
Well, be glad for the bliss you live in...And be sorry for the fear that will forever be your cage!
But freedom…true freedom is more! It takes all the courage my soul can muster
To live for this flag on the terms that I choose You must be prepared for the worst!
I know exactly who I am, I could be anyone else if I wanted to...
But I don`t!“

The course is laid, my mind is set
I cannot tell what lies ahead
All hands on deck! No falling back!
No matter what brace for impact!
The hunt is on
The outlaw‘s on the run
Once again steering for the storm
Oh come on! Bring it on!
I‘m stone cold
Oh come on! Take it on
Our fates unfold
Here I will roam in the dark
Here I belong between the stars
Freedom here will be mine
Here’s where I draw the line
Better keep that in mind
Or die!
My trust betrayed, I fell from grace
Yet I won’t fail those I protect
I‘ll stay on track one step ahead
You‘re unaware how close is death
The hunt is on...


I have been told there’s a snake in the heart of man
Living of hate, for the greed and the rage
I have been warned not to give in to its demands
Feed not the need - It’s too great an expense
But I - I did not mind
It felt so right
I have allowed it to poison my thoughts, then soul
I failed to see - It was out of control
And I - I don’t mind
It feels so right
Now writhing scales in my mind
Strangling my thoughts
It’s winding around my mind
Creeps in my soul
I see through its fiery eyes
Crawls in my veins
Moving beneath my skin
Eats me alive
I’ve been seduced by the wiles of the snake
Like to be locked in our twisted embrace
No one to spare, not a thing worth to save
My blood has turned cold, there’s a world to erase
And I - I don’t mind
It feels so right
Now writhing scales in my mind


So we meet again, you dare to show your face today
I must admit I wondered if you`d once more cross my way
You act like nothing happened and we`re still on equal terms
But while you shine your phony smile I most painfully learned
Well, look what you did to me
I, I was a fool that I believed
Everything was settled, our slates all nice and clean
But now, you know, I know indeed:
You`re lying through your teeth
The moment that I turned my back you poison started to spill
Smug and save in your domain where slimy creeps will hear
Your made up pretty stories adorned whit false laurels
I guess you`re looking wonderful in your world of altered tales
Drop dead!
You don`t deserve my respect! Drop dead!
You always had opinions, so quick to criticize
Throwing dirt forever, nothing`s worthy in your eyes
Despite your broken promises and things you haven`t done
Your hollow words and jealousy: you will not bring me down!
Drop dead!
You don`t deserve my respect!
You only care for yourself
You never showed me respect!
You only care for yourself
You don`t deserve my respect!


„Galaxies moving into position...
Perpetuum motu in immobilis
The plan of the Universe unfolding
Through creation and destruction“



Look at just how far we’ve come, we almost touched Elysium
With all of us still safe and sound, innocent and proud like gods...
Suddenly the arch broke down far below Olympus Mons
No rock, no friend we could hold on to...an Odyssey began...
When Atlas had lost sight of us we knew the pain of Icarus
And some of those who fell with us never passed Cocytus’ frost
And still...still we fall
Towards the soil of all worlds
Stumbled angels, fierce and dark
Crashed to Earth like fallen stars
And though we hit rock bottom hard
So sure we died - From Tartarus we rise!
Beyond all fears and scars - We rise!
As long we breathe - We climb and fight!
When far above we spy the light
Again from Tartarus we rise!
Through Lethe, Acheron and Styx souls kind but lost gave us a lift
Their stories did with us ascend: our voyage home began
Stumbled angels, fierce and dark
Crashed to Earth like fallen stars
And though we hit rock bottom hard
So sure we died - from Tartarus we rise!
And still...still we rise towards the roof of all skies
Fallen angels, fierce and dark stride towards the stars so far
And though we hit rock bottom hard we didn’t die!
From Tartarus we rise


I bowed my head, for too long I walked on
Chased by your hate and your words sharp like swords
An army of sandgrains to lash flesh from bone
But just ‘cause you’re many does not make me wrong!
Throw me your curse
Inflict your pain
Burn me with fire
Try break me again
Show me your worst
Bring me your war
From this moment on
I will take it no more!
I scream against the wind
I raise my hands
It’s true I’m afraid but yet here I am
I won’t take cover
You won’t understand why
When all I will gain is
A mouth full of sand
You brought me pain, gave me hell, held me down
But I’ll stand my ground, I will not turn around
One inch of freedom I’ll claim as my own
Just ‘cause you’re many does not make you strong!