Date 17.08.2024



LYCHCRAFT will be the title of our newest album!



Exciting news!

We are happy and exhilarated to welcome Sascha on drums, who, from now on, will bring the thunder into our rehearsal place and onto stage!After a couple of weeks of getting warmed up, drum-recordings have recommenced:
three songs have already taken shape and we can’t wait to hear the final result…
…and take it on stage!!!
But as you know: all good things need some time and patience.
Don’t worry though: we’ll soon be back with more news!


Again much time has passed since our last post, and again, a lot has happened...
Martin has become a dad, and for that we send him our best wishes and congratulations! This means a definite level-up for his responsibilities which now leave little time for drumming.

We have to understand that we cannot compete with happy circumstances of this magnitude, so we will not be in the way when he now takes to his new tasks.
Dear Martin, we hope, that you will excel at those new duties just as you did with everything you set your mind to while drumming for Elmsfire!
You have our heartfelt thanks and will always be part of the Elmsfire-family!


Doro, Bobby, Micha und Germano


Although we had to fight again with line-up changes, we managed to keep everything under control and write new songs for the upcoming new album: we`ll start recording the drums around September and hope to get everything done (guitars, bass and vocals) until the end of this year...

Stay in touch!

Guitar (and bass) recordings!

Hi there folks,

again some time has passed (of which there is really no shortage these days) but we are happy to let you know that songwriting’s done! Now guitar and bass recordings for the new album have commenced and we are both eager and excited. You can be sure that we will let you know as soon as there is more to tell, so stay tuned and check in every once in while!